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    15W Magsafe wireless charger with holder style

    Item Number:KSF171 Material:plastic+acrylic Input Port:Type C USB Cable Input:5V-3A,9V-2.22A Output:5W/7.5W/10W/15W Charging Distance:≤6MM Conversion Cfficiency: >80% Size:60*60*11.5mm Color:Black/White Certification:CE/ROHS
    Product description

    Brand: OEM/ODM

    MOQ: 3K

    Packaging: Customized

    Delivery Time: 25-35 days

    Charging Way: electromagnetic induction

    Charging Standard: Compatible with QI

    Working Frequency: 100-205khz

    Effective Transformation Distance: ≤6mm

    Operating Temperature: -40~+85°C

    Storage Humidity: <95% RH

    Protection Measures: foreign object detection,over-current protection,over-temperature protection,low-voltage protection,short-cicuit protection

    Usage: Support for iPhone 12 series; Fast Charging for Mobile Phone

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