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    Aluminum and braided TypeC 2.0data and charging cable

    Model NO.:A19001 Key feature:USB2.0-Type-C 2.0data and charging cable Length: 1M, 2M, 3M or customized Material:Aluminum alloy + cotton braided Current:3.0A Certification:ROHS
    Product description

    1. Swing and bending: lifting weight 300G, ± 45°, 20 times/min, swing 1000 times.

    2. Insertion force: TYPE C: initial insertion force ≤ 20N, extraction force> 8N, extraction force after 10,000 times> 6N

    3. Salt spray test: test time: 24 hours, judging criteria: no rust or discoloration on the product surface , Green or blue, etc., the function and appearance are normal.

    4. High temperature test: 85℃±3℃, test time: 24h, function and appearance are normal.

    5. Low temperature test: -40℃±3℃, test time: 24h, function and appearance are normal.

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